Kleiner Ötscher schwarze Piste im Winter, © Martin Fülöp

Ski touring on the Ötscher

Discover the "majesty Ötscher" on your tour

Step by step up to the Ötscher. While skiing in the ski resort Lackenhof am Ötscher you can leave everyday life behind and enjoy the perfect tranquility. Immerse yourself in the snow paradise and let the white splendor envelop you.

The ascent is permitted on the edge of the Gr. Ötscher slope, Riffel slope or on the touring ski route (this is shown in the graphic above). 
Ski touring on the slopes of the Kleiner Ötscher is not permitted!

The ski touring route on the Gr. Ötscher starts at parking lot no. 5 (Distelpiste), from there the trail leads along the edge of the slope to the ski trail that leads to the black slope (signposted). From there, follow the ski tour signs. The ski touring route is marked in yellow in the diagram.

Please observe the rules for ski tourers - see section "10 rules for piste tours"!

Geöffnete/gesperrte Strecken & Pisten


Information slope closure

The general piste closure also applies to ski tourers on all Hochkar & Ötscher Tourismus GmbH pistes from 16:30 to 08:30.

Exceptions to this are the slopes open for ski touring on Tuesdays until 21:00 (ski touring evening)!

Prices for ski touring tickets on the Ötscher

A ski touring ticket is mandatory for ski touring on the Ötscher. You can easily buy your ski touring day ticket in our online store or on site at the pick-up machine. The season ticket for ski tourers is available for € 100 in our online store. 

Parking for ski tourers

Holders of a valid ski ticket can use the ski touring offer free of charge.
Holders of a valid ski touring ticket can use the parking lots P4 and P5 free of charge.

Ski touring evening on the Ötscher

If the snow conditions are suitable, the ski touring evening takes place every Tuesday from 16:30 - 21:00. A ski touring ticket must be purchased for this (online store or ticket machine on site). The slopes Gr. Ötscherpiste and Riffelabfahrt are available for this. The Schutzhaus is open for ski tourers on these days!

Ski touring around the Ötscher

Ski touring evenings also take place in other ski areas. Find out more about them here:

  • Annaberg (Thursday)
  • Gemeindealpe Mitterbach (Wednesday)
  • Mariazeller Bürgeralpe (Friday)
  • Erlebnisalm Mariensee-Mönichkirchen (Monday & Thursday)


Safety first: The be-all and end-all of a day in the mountains is the weather conditions. Therefore, please check the avalanche danger and click through the webcams before every ski adventure! 

To avoid accidents and collisions on the slopes, there are some rules of conduct to follow. Inform yourself about them and thus ensure more safety on the mountain!

By the way: Every Tuesday there are ski touring evenings at Ötscher. 

You haven't had enough of ski touring yet? Then you can find information about ski touring evenings in the region around the Ötscher here:

  • Annaberg (Thursdays)
  • Gemeindealpe Mitterbach (Wednesdays)
  • Mariazeller Bürgeralpe (Fridays)

For information on the current avalanche situation on the Ötscher click HERE.