Winter tickets at the Ötscher

Pricing day & hour tickets

With the ecoplus Alpin ski resorts, we are just as affected by the price increase as the entire industry. As far as the potential for energy savings is concerned, we have already exhausted this in the past.

We will continue to use every opportunity to work energy-efficiently in the coming winter season. This essentially concerns snowmaking and the operation of the lifts. However, the safety of our guests always has top priority, there is no compromise.

Some competitors have decided to increase all their products in the consumer price index range. Whether hourly ticket, day ticket or multi-day ticket, all become correspondingly more expensive over the entire winter season; there is no differentiation as to whether it is perhaps about less demanded times during the week outside the vacations or when is booked or purchased.We go with the introduction of flexible prices the way of improvement and just not the undifferentiated price increase for the entire season.

The most important in a nutshell!

  • Early booking pays off
    • those who book earlier benefit
  • book online
    • prices are ~ 15% cheaper compared to the lift cash desk
  • current promotions
    • receive the Friends of the Mountains Newsletter
  • family discount
    • children ride cheaper when accompanied by an adult
  • customer card 
    • order and stay informed

Flexible prices are intended to improve occupancy throughout the season: So we're not targeting a price increase across all ticket types and on every single day of operation, but aiming to have more visitors at traditionally lower demand times. A price is calculated for every single day of the winter season, and this is always updated overnight. For the guests there are several advantages:

  • Those who can manage it and visit us even once during the week, will enjoy prices that are in part significantly reduced.
  • Those who book earlier will benefit in any case - so also on weekends - from an early booking discount.
  • We can inform our guests, who give their consent to this, continuously on special promotions or even good conditions - as we often have them even towards the end of the season - by e-mail newsletter.

Flexible prices are available in the online stores from 01.12.