Paragleiter Ötscher, © Hochkar & Ötscher Tourismus GmbH

Paragliding on the Ötscher

Glide high above the Mostviertel

Put on your harness, open your paraglider and glide through the air. High up, breathe in the clear mountain air deep into your lungs, feel the gentle wind around your ears. Thanks to the perfect thermals around the Ötscher, there is hardly a better spot on earth for paragliding. Enjoy a picture-book panorama and remember: once experienced, forever remembered!

Paragliding with a picture-book panoramaFor a long time, the Ötscher was considered a flying area known far beyond the borders of the country. And for good reason! In summer, the large landing area on the Ötscher meadow is colorful with the different paraglider colors. Once you're in the air, you'll almost drool! The view of the Hochkar, the Gemeindealpe and the surrounding lakes, such as the Lunzer- or the Erlaufsee, make the view sensational. Oh flyer's heart, what more do you want?

"Walk and Fly "Aufi aufn Berg and fly away!

As is well known, many roads lead to Rome - and some also lead to the Ötscher. For ambitious athletes, the "Walk and Fly" is ideal: hiking routes lead from several sides to the Ötscher summit at 1,893 meters. Once at the top, paragliding starts below the summit cross.

And as the saying goes: after the effort is done, you enjoy the pleasure all the more!

The start options at a glance

For part one of the "Walk and Fly" combination, the ascent, there are different variants. Are you an experienced alpine climber and a sporty early riser? Then the route over the Rauhen Kamm with a walking time of three to four hours is perfect for you. The starting point for the flight is below the summit cross.

The main starting point for paragliding flights is at the Hüttenkogel. You can reach it comfortably by chairlift and then in another ten minutes walk towards the summit.

Or would you prefer a good mixture of a short hike and subsequent fun at altitude? Then try the standard route from the Ötscherschutzhaus to the summit. The walking time here is only one hour, and the path is thus ideally suited as a small warm-up for the subsequent high-altitude flight!

The thermals at Ötscher

Above the clouds...Flying high above the clouds and hovering for a long time, that's what every paraglider wants to experience. Thermals play an important role in this. On the Ötscher, the wind usually comes from the northwest. The most favorable time for particularly extensive gliding flights is the period from May to August. Good to know: Special caution applies when paragliding. Because if the high-altitude wind from the northwest increases strongly, it can become dangerous for gliding flights. Therefore, always be accompanied by a well-trained pilot in the sky! In addition, you will need a large landing area during the main thermal season.

There are some things to consider when paragliding on the Ötscher 

It already tickles your fingers and you can hardly wait for the flight on the Ötscher? But before you start, there are a few important aspects to consider:

  • the strong wind from the northwest
  • the weather
  • the landing site on the Ötscher meadow - increased attention during the approach!

You can get all information about paragliding at the Ybbstaler Alpen.